Welcome to Homeschooling

Pardon Our Dust while we create a comprehensive website to help you on your Homeschool Journey

Welcome to Homeschooling!

There is no better time to take total control of your child's education. Homeschooling is the most individualized choice and is doable for all walks of life.

The homeschool community is made up of diverse families and communities. While we are working on our website, please take a look at these other resources and be sure to send us a message.

We will answer whatever questions we can and we will notify you as soon as we go live with our website and services.

Learn about Umbrellas:

Education Ministries that provide compliance reviews in lieu of county reviews. Church umbrella programs provide some level of supervision of and support for the home instruction of their members. Most umbrella programs charge a fee. Generally speaking, the more services an umbrella provides, the higher the fee it charges.

The church umbrella must supervise the instruction with:

-pre-enrollment conferences,

-textbooks and lesson plan review, and

-periodic conferences with parents (these can be done by phone).

Note: You can take care of the pre-enrollment conference and the textbooks and lesson plan review in the same meeting.

For the younger set, review with the county may work just fine. Most of the reviewers in Maryland are trying to help and not hinder you.

Once you have middle and approaching high school students, however, CCA recommends an umbrella. The school system will likely not tell you that you can graduate your own students, even though it is totally legal for you to do so. County and State government cannot tell you graduation or credit requirements for a homeschooler as it is outside their jurisdiction. It is better to get solid information from seasoned homeschoolers. Umbrellas tend to be more supportive and have more accurate information on homeschooling concerns. Go with an umbrella that does not add too much to the law, but DOES use experienced parents to conduct reviews. CCA believes we need MORE umbrellas- the more reviews we can take off the county plate, the less likely they will want to legislate more requirements in the name of keeping up. In order to promote more homeschooling and support more parents, CCA hopes to help support umbrellas in their ability to, in turn, serve parents. We believe encouraging many more umbrellas in the state of Maryland by providing encouragement and support is the best way to promote and support the rise in homeschooling families. If you are interested in starting an umbrella, please leave us a message!


Review and learn the Law:

Homeschooling in Maryland:

- https://hslda.org/legal/maryland

Getting Started:

- cathyduffyreviews.com

- a2zhomeschooling.com

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